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The Gravity Between Us cover debate

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Getting a book cover design right can be the difference between selling 100,000 copies and 10 copies.  It really is that important.  So at Bookouture we always feel the pressure to get it right!  With Kristen Zimmer’s amazing New Adult (books with characters in their late teens / early twenties) contemporary romance debut we had 3 cover design options that we struggled to chose between.

Each cover offered something slightly different – some slightly cooler, others more traditional; some focused more on friendship and others on romance.  Which one do you prefer?  Let us know in the comments section!

We shared the concepts with some of the top New Adult book reviewers and bloggers and asked for their thoughts.  We got some AWESOME feedback – but opinion was split – half liked option 1 (on the left here) and half liked option two (in the middle).

Those that liked option one thought it was cool, angsty and fit the New Adult genre perfectly.  Fans of number two (‘The Kiss’) loved the mood and the sense of romance.

After several sleepless nights and going round and round on the benefits of both, we had to make a decision – and ‘The Kiss’ won.

Why? Firstly, we love the image and think it fits the book perfectly but, more importantly, with readers quickly scanning through Amazon search results – it positions the book instantly. We also noticed that there were very few New Adult or YA books with two women kissing, and hoped that by standing out in that way we’d catch reader’s attention.

Did we get it right?  Only time will tell – but we hope you like it!  A book cover can never say everything that you want it to about a story, but we’ve tried to give a little taste of the cool-best-friend-romance-celebrity-coming-of-age-awesomeness that is The Gravity Between Us.




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